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Otherness: A Multilateral Perspective

The Centre published an edited collection entitled Otherness: A Multilateral Perspective (Peter Lang 2011) Edited by Maria Beville, Susan Yi Sencindiver and Marie Lauritzen.

In recent decades, theoretical and critical studies have oscillated between, on the one hand, wrestling otherness from a condition in which it is dependent on and defined relative to the notion of the same and, on the other hand, pursuing an approach to sameness and universality uncontaminated by otherness. Yet these concepts continuously prove mutually dependent. Together, they constitute a dynamic and productive tension which this book addresses. Inquiring into the representations and nature of self-other relationships in art, literature and culture, the chapters are written in and to a contemporary world struggling with the critical question of otherness and its present-day status. Given the complexity and multidimensional nature of otherness, a multilateral focus is called for and so this collection of selected essays brings together a range of scholarly disciplines and inquiries to engage in a multilateral discussion of otherness.


Susan Yi Sencindiver/Marie Lauritzen/Maria Beville: Introduction

Olu Jenzen: Same, Same but Other: Over-Sameness as Sexual Otherness

Susan Yi Sencindiver: Pregnant Doppelgängers: Lived and Literary

Steven Bond: Alterity and Transcendence: From Dedalus the Dub to Hamlet the Dane

Luce Irigaray: How Can We Meet the Other?

Maria Beville: In Pursuit of Alterity: The Labyrinth in Literature as Other Space

Sune Borkfelt: Non-Human Otherness: Animals as Others and Devices for Othering

Ann McCulloch: Secrets, Betrayals and Inexpressable Otherness: Art as Problem-Solver?

Sten Pultz Moslund: Difference, Otherness and Speeds of Becoming in Transcultural and Migration Literature and Theory

Svend Erik Larsen: How to Narrate the Other

Maeve Tynan: Re-fusing Broken Records: Caribbean Creolisation Revisited

Thomas Hylland Eriksen: Living in an Overheated World: Otherness as a Universal Condition

Eugene O Brien: Mobile Technology and the Actuvirtual/Artifactual Subject.

Print: ISBN 978-3-631-63574-2 hb.