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Inter-institutional Seminar at Aarhus University 2010

Devouring the Other: Alterity and Cannibalism in Literature

April 15th

Dr. Lorna Piatti-Farnell of Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln.
"A Tour of the Cannibal Quarters: Industrial Fantasies and Carnivorous Appetites in Roald Dahl's Fiction"

Mathias Clasen of the Section for English, Department of Language, Literature and Culture.
"They Eat Your Flesh and Drink Your Blood: A Darwinian Perspective on Anthropophagous Monsters"

The Strange and the Familiar: Approaching the Uncanny in Literature

March 23rd

Dr. Olu Jenzen of the Universtiy of Sussex
‘Haunting poetry: Trauma, otherness and textuality in Michael Cunningham’s Specimen Days’

Dr. Vinicius de Carvalho of the Department of Language, Literature and Culture.
‘Communion with the Uncanny in The Passion according G.H of Clarice Lispector’

Otherness in the context of Irish Studies

February 1st

Dr. Maeve Tynan of the University of Limerick
'Fin-de-Siècle Gaelic Gothic: Reflections on the Irish Question'

Dr. Cathy McGlynn of Dun Laoghaoire Institute of Art and Technology, Dublin.
'Flowers and Flow-ers: Antiphallocentric effects in Ulysses'